What Our Clients Say

Through our actions, we aim to demonstrate that we are exceptionally client driven. A relationship with gabbegroup means a full and enthusiastic commitment. We display a determined effort to help our clients’ succeed and go the extra mile to do the job right. The following quotes are excerpted from some of the Emails and letters we’ve received from clients.

“We introduced the new Web site at our recent quarterly meeting to rave reviews. The feedback has been tremendously positive and I know that the site will be an invaluable resource not only for our board members, customers and partners, but for our workforce colleagues around the country interested in learning about innovative best practices. Many thanks!”

Commissioner, NYC Department of Small Business Services

“It was a real thrill to watch this DVD last night. It’s just fantastic – fascinating and really well put together. I think it will be hugely popular and have a real impact. It’s really something for us to be proud of – congratulations.”

President & CEO, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors

“We’re delighted with the outcome of the name and logo process. The gabbegroup team has been great throughout this whole process, patient with us, creative and organized. The really exciting news is that as we send the logo around and announce the name, the reviews have been very positive. Many thanks to you and the entire gabbegroup team!”

Executive Director, InHealth: The Institute for Health Technology Studies

“I just wanted to say how much I appreciated your great help in trying to keep me on the straight and narrow path with my speech. I saw several people asleep, but then there were a lot of others that were awake… Seriously, I couldn’t have done it without you.”

Senior Partner, Goldman Sachs

“Just a note to let you know how much we all appreciate the excellent support that you extended to us for our Annual Meeting on Thursday. We all well understand and appreciate the amount of hard work and thoughtful insight that you continue to provide in support of all of our efforts at Frontera.

Thanks for making the time to be with us. It is a great pleasure to have you on our team and there is no question that because of your contributions, our level of performance is raised to a higher standard that we are all very proud of.”

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Frontera Resources Corporation

“Thank you so much for your volunteer efforts on behalf of The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center. Your dedication to the Christopher Radko event was pivotal to its success. We truly appreciate your efforts to bring our vision to your fellow New Yorkers and offer our deepest thanks for helping to make cancer history.”

Vice President for Development, M. D. Anderson Cancer Center

“I want to take this time to tell you how much I appreciated your working with me in my participation in the recent ‘Today Show’ panel. It was certainly different than I had anticipated but I hope it provided an opportunity for parents to get information about a number of issues related to parenting and children.”

Chairman, Department of Pediatrics, Mount Sinai School of Medicine

“Thanks for your presence at our initial launch for our nursing endeavor…I believe it was a successful beginning. Marilyn mentioned to me how kind you were to offer support…and on behalf of all of us, we know that you are on our team.”

Co-Chairman, Jonas Center for Nursing Excellence

“It’s been a pleasure to work with you and your team — you guys are true colleagues in every sense of the word! All of us know how incredibly supportive and invaluable you and your team have been.”

Director of Corporate Contributions, Johnson & Johnson

“A huge thank you from all of us at RPA for the fabulous work you did this week — starting at dawn on Monday — to help get us the fantastic media access and results we’ve seen. BusinessWeek, CNBC, Financial Times, The Economist, Los Angeles Times, Associated Press, CNN Radio, The Wall Street Journal, Chronicle of Philanthropy — this list goes on and on! All of us who spoke to the media felt well briefed about the opportunity, and you also helped shield us from places we didn’t want to go.”

President and CEO, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors

“Once again, gabbegroup comes through for Conoco on no notice. Your as-usual exceptional efforts on behalf of the largest IPO in U.S. history are known and appreciated – from assembling video crews in the middle of the night to lining up quality media interviews…”

Corporate Communications, Conoco

“What a delightful visit! Thanks for the dinner, workshop, media preparation, hardwork, fun and the bike ride. It was simply a great time. I enjoy working with each of you.”

Dean, Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management

“Thank you very much for the video that we were featured in for Johnson & Johnson. It is an honor to be part of their organization, as well as yours. Everyone is anxious to view the video and we will use it at our kick-off next year.”

Coordinator, Johnson & Johnson Bridge-to-Employment Program Andrew Hill High School

“On behalf of The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center and the Children’s Art Project, I would like to extend a heartfelt thanks for the time and energy spent in making the Christopher Radko Tabletop reception a success. M. D. Anderson is fortunate to have ambassadors like you in the community raising awareness and furthering our vision of making cancer history.”

President, M. D. Anderson Cancer Center

“Thank you for arranging the ‘Wall Street Journal’ piece. From the moment we first heard of it, we were awestruck that there might be interest at that level. We think the reporter did a great job of capturing something of importance to M. D. Anderson and the cause of breast cancer survivorship. I’m happy that we could be a part of that link. Again, many thanks for your efforts.”

Donor, The Beth Sanders Moore Young Breast Cancer Survivors Program, M. D. Anderson Cancer Center

“The Children’s Art Project is fortunate to have you associated with it. My best wishes to you.”

Christopher Radko

“On behalf of the Children’s Art Project at M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, I want to thank you for making life better for children with cancer. Your care and concern are the heartbeat that pulses throughout the Children’s Art Project. Please accept the enclosed plaque as a token of our appreciation.”

Executive Director, The Children’s Art Project

“Thanks for the ‘Visions & Voices’ video and still photographs which I received…I wish to congratulate you on the overall quality and content of the final production and the excellent work. I can remember you telling me about the heart surgery in Russia and how close you were to the action. All the topics had real impact.”

Staff Training & Development Officer, Johnson & Johnson (Cork, Ireland)

“By my count, we met with a total of 24 reporters, editors and producers in New York this week. Incredible. The vibes were great everywhere. M. D. Anderson definitely is on the minds of a lot of top-tier journalists. Thank you very much for conceiving, strategizing, organizing and carrying out (flawlessly) such a great visit to New York for M. D. Anderson. I appreciate how much energy and thought went into this – not everybody can just ‘walk into’ media like this and be greeted so well.”

Vice President, Public Affairs, M. D. Anderson Cancer Center

“Now that the dust is settling and I’m catching my breath, I wanted to send a huge THANK YOU for all your hard work leading up to the ‘New England Journal of Medicine’ article last week. The media coverage has been fabulous – in both quantity and quality – and everyone at Veridex is thrilled.”

Vice President, Worldwide Communications, Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics

“I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the work that you are doing for all of us. As events unfold, I am sure your wise counsel will guide us.”

Senior Associate Dean, UCLA Anderson School of Management

“I just received a copy of the video ‘Visions & Voices’ – it’s an excellent piece. I was so proud of our program. Thanks for making us look good!”

Head of Community Relations, ALZA Corporation

“I just wanted to be sure you know how much my colleagues and I value the chance to work with your colleagues. They are just terrific in so many ways. The ‘New York Times’ piece happened because they were prepared and creatively found the right opening.”

President and CEO, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors

“I wanted to thank you for a job well done. We all absolutely love the ‘Visions & Voices’ video. You did an excellent job of truly portraying the clinic and our mission. I was present during the NAACP conference where they played it over and over for three days. Boy, was it a hit! We played the video for Edgar Garcia and his family. I would have given anything for you to see the face of his son when he saw himself on video. It was worth a million. You sure made one boy very happy.”

Manager, St. John Bosco Clinic (Miami, FL)

“I just received the video on Johnson & Johnson ‘Vision & Voices’. Thank you very much, it looks fantastic. Thanks for the pictures as well.”

Managing Director, Johnson & Johnson Medical Russia

“I greatly appreciate the work all of you at gabbegroup have done for Johnson & Johnson. You have been a true partner in raising our level of communications to a new height. We are all part of a team, and I thank each of you for your role in achieving our mutual success.”

Corporate Communications, Johnson & Johnson

“The process that led to our demerger was not always easy, and without your professional support, unwavering commitment and perseverance throughout the whole process, it would not have been possible at all. Your team spirit and cooperation with our own employees were particularly appreciated.”

CEO & CFO, Celanese AG

“Thanks for participating in the capstone lecture and discussion. You were magnificent! You were remarkably prepared… You took us to the heart of applied public relations, to the newsrooms and editorial decision making process of the world’s most powerful business publications, to the concepts of dynamic public relations management and leadership and to a series of highly relevant and memorable cases… You also brought a spirit of encouragement and refreshing professionalism. As one student commented, “(gabbegroup) brought the whole course together and helped all of us to understand that PR awareness and action are vital – in every job we may choose.”

Owen Graduate School of Management at Vanderbilt University

“What wonderful news! Everyone who has seen the video has raved about it… Congratulations to you and your people for the fine job. We’ve used the video a number of times and it has become an important corporate identity piece.”

CEO, The Finova Group

“Thank you for helping us to make this brochure a representation of the professionalism and quality that we believe Bel Air stands for. We couldn’t have accomplished this without your help. I look forward to continuing to work with you on future projects.”

Partner, Bel Air Investment Advisors

“I’ve worked with quite a few public relations agencies and learned how to judge them… Nowhere in my experience has there been an agency performance of the caliber of Jill Gabbe and her staff in support of our office automation media event. They were responsive, creative, efficient, and best of all, delivered on promises. It was a pleasure to work with her and her staff.”

Corporate Communications, Honeywell

“I wanted to send you a note to tell you how favorably impressed I was with (our) new brochure… It is excellent and by far the best I have ever seen from a broking firm.”

President, Prebon Yamane

“Thank you so much for a beautiful job on the video of our Jobs Training Program! We are thrilled with the results, and look forward to using the video as a teaching tool with which to respond to inquiries on our program, and especially, to enlist new employer partners into the program itself. Thank you, too, for the sensitivity and respect you and your colleagues showed to our participants and staff. Everyone enjoyed having you around!”

Common Ground Community/The Drucker Foundation

“I recently received a copy of the video. In my 17 years with PLAN I have never seen anything which captures the heart of sponsorship more than this video.”

Plan International Ecuador

“Thanks again for all your help with my Conference Board presentation. The slides and videotape were terrific, and I was very pleased with the speech.”

Head of Corporate Communications, Conectiv

“I wanted to take the opportunity… to express my appreciation for the work that gabbegroup has done on behalf of (our company) over the past year. Your efforts have been instrumental in opening a new market for us and in extending our reach into markets we already know well but want to continue to develop… Not only are you effective, but you make the work fun… I look forward to continuing the good things we started.”

Head of Marketing, Equitable Bag

“The presentations went very well! All the prep paid off. People appreciated the sharing of data, and we did a good job establishing the context… I appreciated working with gabbegroup. Thank your team for me.”

General Manager – Manufacturing, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics