“Create a high-impact PowerPoint presentation to roll out this new joint venture of the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT), the world’s largest financial exchange, and Prebon Yamane, a leading global institutional broker.”

Chicago Board Brokerage (CBB) was formed to launch a breakthrough electronic trading system for CBOT members. As a resource for this venture from its inception, gabbegroup, conceived wrote, designed and produced a sophisticated PowerPoint presentation and CBB’s Web site; and designed and produced staging materials for trade shows and other marketing events.

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“We’ve been working toward our IPO for years. It’ll be the biggest ever in the U.S. Help us bring it to life.”

Conoco’s highly successful IPO was a landmark for more than its historic size. The offering occurred at a time when equity markets in the U.S. and worldwide were in rapid decline and highly volatile. gabbegroup filmed much of Conoco’s exciting activities in New York, Boston and Philadelphia in the days just prior to the offering and on the listing day itself.

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“The documentary-style video you produce will be the centerpiece of our annual awards dinner in Los Angeles – which is attended by entertainment and business luminaries. It’s got to be dramatic and heartfelt.”

The internationally renowned Drucker Foundation, founded by the eminent business academic Peter Drucker, each year selects a nonprofit organization to receive its annual award for innovation in collaborating with business to serve the community. gabbegroup conceived and produced the video for presentation to the Times Square Hotel Jobs Program, a first-of-its-kind program for formerly homeless people that is a lynchpin of the renaissance of the Times Square area. The production featured such companies as Ben & Jerry’s, Home Depot, Marriott and The New York Times.

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“You know our business and culture as well as anybody in our firm. We look to you for communications support in a wide range of areas.”

Goldman Sachs turned to gabbegroup for extensive video services to support recruitment, orientation and training programs as well as corporate identity. These productions included our client’s first global recruitment video; first recruitment videos for presentation to MBAs and undergraduates in the U.S.; first history video; first employee orientation videos; a video commemorating the firm’s historic IPO, and numerous training videos covering such topics as leadership, diversity and securities sales and trading.

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“We want to tell the world that changing our name and logo signals an historic change in our company.”

gabbegroup was asked to produce a video that would introduce Finova’s new name and logo, present marketing themes that knit its many new operations together, and communicate the excitement and scope of its transformation. This video won multiple awards.

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“We’d like to present the American Academy of Pediatrics with an engaging, exciting presentation for their upcoming Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) 20th anniversary dinner that they can also continue to use long into the future.”

Utilizing a theme of “growth” as well as extensive music, video, and animation, we developed a custom “video-like” auto-run PowerPoint presentation for the 20th anniversary celebration of the NRP program.

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“The corporate philanthropy program at Johnson & Johnson is among the largest in the world. Produce a video that explains the company’s philanthropic mission as part of its famed Credo and depicts in a compelling and dramatic way the contributions the programs its supports make in local communities.”

gabbegroup conceived, wrote and produced the award-winning Visions and Voices from Our Communities. The video, shot on location globally, presented significant regulatory, organizational, cultural and translation challenges. The video opens and closes with a presentation of the civic mission of Johnson & Johnson. The body of the video consists of four, brief, documentary-style vignettes, each of which describes how a Johnson & Johnson non-profit partner is tackling difficult health and education challenges. A total of 12 vignettes were produced, allowing Johnson & Johnson to tailor the video presentation to specific audiences. The first such global video production produced for Johnson & Johnson, it is being shown to government agencies, civic organizations and Johnson & Johnson employees worldwide.

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“We are looking to you for a highly creative package to display and contain the multiple print and video tools that will be introduced at our global innovation conference.”

The Innovation Conference, attended by Johnson & Johnson’s top management globally, was a first step for this illustrious company. We created the “Innovation Tool Kit,” a large, portable container that is opened by twisting a cap-like mechanism – similar to those found on medication packages – that says, “Open here for innovation.” This container required highly sophisticated design and fabrication. Additionally, as part of the content development for this special event, gabbegroup filmed breakthrough innovation efforts of Johnson & Johnson in Japan.

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“Help us develop a visual presentation about our philanthropic programs aimed at improving the health and lives of children worldwide and the partnerships that serve as the backbone of our efforts.”

For Johnson & Johnson’s involvement in the 25th International Congress of Pediatrics in Greece – regarded as the most important pediatrics event in the world – gabbegroup conceived and produced a video presentation designed to “set the stage” for an invitation-only dinner gala that recognizes the efforts of international pediatric societies and individuals working to improve child health care. gabbegroup also worked with Johnson & Johnson to draft the speaker speeches.

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“Help us develop a kick-off event for our global campaign to raise awareness of the importance of hand safety in our 200 operating units.”

One element of our work on this award-winning project was the production of a video that plays continuously as employees arrive at the kick-off event. It was designed to create a sense of drama and excitement around the topic of worker safety; introduce the campaign name and logo; give employees in all lines of work and in different geographic regions a sense of ownership and inclusion; and introduce and complement a series of posters featuring employees, families and friends in “safe hands” situations. gabbegroup conceived, scripted, directed and produced this video.

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“We will introduce a new electronic securities trading system at the Securities Industry Association Conference. Your job is to produce the creative elements and collateral for our demonstration booth.”

Working under a very tight deadline for this highly regarded Wall Street firm, we developed creative elements that helped to draw significant traffic to the booth and were highly praised by our client. gabbegroup provided media coverage for the event, obtaining placements in The Wall Street Journal, among other major publications.

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“Give us a video that positions our company as an innovator in client service and in using technology in the securities industry.”

For this leading, global institutional broker, we produced an award-winning corporate image video used for developing business alliances and for recruiting; PowerPoint presentations that are used internally as part of management conferences and externally to market the firm at trade shows; and trade show staging.

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“The Rockefeller name has become synonymous with strategic, effective philanthropy, and has inspired generations to use their wealth for greater good. Help us tell the never before told story of how the Rockefeller family inspired the modern age of American philanthropy.”

gabbegroup produced a three-part, broadcast-length documentary about the Rockefeller family’s role in creating philanthropy and the ways succeeding generations of Rockefellers have sustained and broadened the family’s philanthropic ideals. Produced for Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, the video drew on images from the family’s archives, and well as footage shot during a symposium on philanthropy featuring members of the Rockefeller family. The video has received rave reviews from audiences across the country.

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Our innovative 3D printing technology is being used worldwide for many new, important and fascinating applications. Work with us to create an ongoing portfolio of video client testimonials for our Web site and for showing at sales and other events.

gabbegroup travels to universities, factories, research facilities and other locations throughout the U.S. to document the ever-expanding use of Stratasys 3D printers in creating products used in health care, education, travel, entertainment, security, architecture and many other fields. We assist Stratasys, the world-leader in 3D printing technology, in conceptualizing these promotional shoots and we provide full-service videography and editing to make those concepts into compelling visual presentations.

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“We want gabbegroup to create videos that dramatically support our strategy of transforming a Swiss-based commercial bank into a global investment banking powerhouse.”

Videos produced by gabbegroup played an important role in communicating UBS’s new positioning strategy. Those productions included: a “culture” video used to orient existing and new employees to UBS’s new global strategy; UBS’s first firmwide global recruitment video; and a capabilities video that repositioned UBS’s powerhouse private banking business. We also produced a cartoon-based multimedia presentation that was shown at UBS’s annual end-of-year holiday party, attended by nearly 2,000 employees.

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“We can’t meet all of the health care professionals and policy makers around the U.S. who are interested in our health literacy program for families. Create two videos we can send out: one that explains the HCI and the other that trains professionals to use its tools.”

The award-winning videos conceived and produced by our gabbegroup team are being distributed nationwide, enabling the HCI to bring its valuable program to scores of communities, benefiting families and health care systems.

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“We spend three days and a lot of money training people to use our new performance review program. Can you turn this into a video that our people can turn to on demand?”

Working with the Training and Development Department at this global chemical company, we conceived, scripted and produced a one-hour, four-part video instructional program that replaced the “live” classroom presentation. This production, used with a workbook, combines lectures, real-life models, graphics and animation to turn a complex subject into a readily understandable and compelling training tool.

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“We want to use the occasion of our 70th anniversary to bring together our top management at a gala party. Help us stage an event that combines an informative, humorous look at our company’s history with some dramatic accomplishments.”

gabbegroup was asked by Wyeth Corporation (formerly known as American Home Products), one of the world’s leading health care products companies, to conceive, research, write and produce a multimedia presentation to be emcee’d by the company’s CEO. This included rehearsing the CEO and setting up extensive staging for the event. We also produced a commemorative video that was distributed to attendees.

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