Some of the most intriguing aspects of gabbegroup, or so we’re told by people meeting us for the first time, are the quality, scope and depth of our client relationships. Indeed, for a small outfit, we serve an unusually wide range of clients, including a big roster of “brand-name” companies and institutions that are leaders in their fields. We believe our service breadth enables us to bring valuable perspective to our clients. Here are brief profiles of some of our work in public relations and marketing:




“We want to broaden the understanding of ALZA’s ability to provide ‘best science’ drug delivery technology that improves healthcare and strengthens market competitiveness for pharmaceutical companies around the world. Help us communicate our successful track record and convey that we are the market leaders in implementing new technologies.”

ALZA Corporation, a Johnson & Johnson company, specializes in the development of innovative drug delivery technologies. ALZA enlisted gabbegroup to create an integrated marketing communications program to promote its pioneering work in the field of advanced drug delivery systems, and provide ongoing media support. We oversaw the design and production of a custom kit for ALZA sales representatives that highlighted the company’s various technology platforms in a sleek and highly effective package. We developed a comprehensive media outreach plan for ALZA, leveraging the strong heritage and pioneering nature of the company. This plan resulted in numerous high-profile placements, most notably a major, four-page color feature in Fortune. gabbegroup also arranged media visits in New York for the company president with reporters at The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times and provided crisis media training for senior and middle management.

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“We have new leadership and the mandate to vigorously expand our services worldwide. Help us to pin down and communicate what sets us apart.”

American Management Association is the world’s leading membership-based management development organization. We worked with AMA on Web and print marketing materials to clearly communicate the organization’s new global positioning.

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“We represent a venerable name in the world of fine arts education, with scores of renowned artists among our alumni and faculty. Work with us to better understand internal/external marketing and communications challenges facing the League, and to effectively communicate with our constituencies as we implement critical strategic programs to keep the League at the forefront of fine arts education.”

Over the course of its 131-year history, the Art Students League of New York has become one of the preeminent fine arts education institutions, playing a central role in establishing the United States as the dynamic leader in the fine arts through its unique philosophy of education, values and culture. gabbegroup undertook an unprecedented marketing study for the institution to gauge internal and external perceptions of the League and presented comprehensive recommendations for using marketing and communications to support the League’s strategic objectives. We assisted the League to further develop and begin rolling out the recommendations and subsequently managed all elements of designing and launching a new website.

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“We need to build awareness and recognition for our company’s pioneering role in the development of safety-engineered sharps that protect healthcare workers from accidental needlesticks. Oh, and Mike Wallace from 60 Minutes just called.”

BD, the world’s leading manufacturer of safety-engineered medical devices (needles, syringes, catheters and blood collection), retained gabbegroup to assist in positioning and promoting the company as a “safety powerhouse.” In the midst of rolling out a program, BD received word that “60 Minutes” was developing a segment about accidental needlesticks. Over a six-month period, BD and gabbegroup worked closely on developing strategies and communications aimed at ensuring that key audiences received correct information. As anticipated, the program focused on sensationalism. Even so, BD emerged unscathed receiving significant support as the industry leader in safety-engineered medical devices.

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“We hope other donors will incorporate what we’ve learned into their own exploration of spending out or spending more to make a difference, and that funders focused on pressing social issues will consider the merits of funding nonpartisan civic-engagement efforts as a powerful way to influence policy.”

gabbegroup was retained to assist The Beldon Fund – noted for being a spend-out foundation from its inception and funding advocacy in support of environmental protection – as it closed operations on schedule in June 2009. Founder John Hunting and his leadership team wanted to raise awareness of the merits of “spending out” and funding advocacy – regardless of the issue area in question. So as they shut their doors they went live – with a guide to managing a spend out and a website full of strategies, outcomes, tips, lessons learned and other resources. gabbegroup’s efforts resulted in a feature article inThe New York Times, a multi-part spread in The Chronicle of Philanthropy, a central role in a Wall Street Journal/Dow Jones article on spending out and several features in other philanthropy-related publications.

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“We are the world’s largest corporate responsibility initiative, and we need your expertise to help us in disseminating the results of our annual survey of the 500 largest companies related to greenhouse gas emissions and climate change.”

Each year, the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) surveys companies comprising the FT 500 regarding climate change policies. This initiative is supported by 95 leading institutional investors representing more than $10 trillion in assets under management. gabbegroup worked closely with CDP, Innovest Strategic Value Advisors, a New York-based investment research firm, and Madeleine Albright’s team for the U.S. launch and to promote the results of the survey, which identifies the companies that are taking the lead in addressing climate change issues and those that are lagging behind or failing to address the issue at all. gabbegroup handled all aspects of U.S. media relations, and staged a high-profile press and investor briefing and panel discussion on report findings.

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“We want the philanthropic and donor communities to understand that our generous grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation recognizes the new steps we are taking to help children in sub-Saharan Africa whose lives have been devastated by AIDS.”

Childreach is part of PLAN International, applauded worldwide for its success in bringing medical, educational, legal and other services to children in developing countries. Using the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation grant as a platform, gabbegroup worked with Childreach to promote public awareness of the crisis, attract new partners to the initiative and broaden public awareness of the organization’s goals and work.

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“We’ve just published a comprehensive survey of over 600 CEOs about major issues they’ll face in the new millennium. Work with us to promote the results of this survey to enhance our visibility.”

The Conference Board, the world’s leading business membership and research organization, turned to gabbegroup for major coverage of the survey in national news media and to arrange media interviews for the survey’s author. We also successfully promoted other new research from the Human Resources divison of the organization in the top-tier national and business media.

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“We are considered among the premier sources for trustworthy and completely independent consumer information in health, drawing on the best available evidence to compare and rate the effectiveness of treatments for more than 100 common medical conditions. Partner with us to heighten the profile of our newest offering, Consumer Reports Medical Guide.”

Consumer Reports Medical Guide ( is a subscription-based Web site launched from the well-known and respected Consumers Union, independent, nonprofit publisher of Consumer Reports. gabbegroup worked as an extension of the Consumer Reports Medical Guide team at Consumers Union, which includes executive leadership, the communications department and health editors. Among the many initiatives spearheaded by gabbegroup are aggressive media relations support for a continuous flow of CRMG highlights (e.g. Depression in Children, Smoking Cessation, Needless Surgeries, etc.); coordination of CRMG participation in the American Public Health Association conference; and comprehensive media outreach program for the launch of CRMG’s new Natural Medicine Ratings database.

As part of the Consumers Union Brand Franchise Task Force, gabbegroup also undertook a comprehensive content analysis of online health-related initiatives and products from Consumers Union and Consumer Reports. Our primary goal was to take an objective, consumer-centric view of these entities’ distinct positioning and examine how they communicate key messages online and through news releases – and how the news media reports on those messages. The final positioning study assessed 10 of the organization’s online health entities and uncovered valuable data on the consumer search process for health information. gabbegroup’s extremely accurate snapshot of the online world of healthcare that consumers can access through Consumers Union and Consumer Reports would provide crucial information as the organization took steps to realign and rebrand its digital health franchise.

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“We are New York’s largest nonprofit agency dedicated to immediate and long-term needs of the City’s homeless, runaway and at-risk youth, serving more than 5,000 young people in crisis per year.”

gabbegroup has handled ongoing media relations– frequently on the national stage as Covenant House New York (CHNY) is a beacon for youth in crisis. Our efforts helped educate the public about reasons for youth homelessness through the heart-rending stories of inspiring teens and dedicated staff members, and by maximizing awareness of educational and vocational programs that teach independent living skills and help break the devastating cycle of homelessness. Seizing on media opportunities tied to economic and policy issues related to homelessness, gabbegroup put a spotlight on the CHNY Executive Director as an expert in social services for homeless young adults, linked CHNY client stories, programs and events to notable seasonal events (e.g., Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving); and provided additional support for all-important fundraising activities. Notable placements have included: The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, New York Daily News and Associated Press stories, as well as an op-ed in The Huffington Post. Broadcast pieces have aired on WABC-TV, NPR’s Morning Edition and All Things Considered, Voice of America and New York Public Radio (WNYC).

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“We have major strategic programs rolling out during a transition in our communications leadership. Take charge of our global communications department and assist us in maintaining a high level of internal and external communications.”

Ethicon, a Johnson & Johnson company, is the global leader in sutures and in other specialty medical products. We were retained to take active management of the company’s worldwide communications department on an interim basis, overseeing employee and marketing initiatives as well as external public relations initiatives.

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“We will make an important contribution to the success of our Foundation’s mission by developing and implementing an effective public relations program.”

The Goldman Sachs Foundation, funded through the initial public offering of Goldman Sachs, looked to gabbegroup to build awareness of its activities within Goldman Sachs, the educational community, the corporate world and with the media.

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“We need to build awareness of our organization among key audiences and establish our unique model as ‘best in class’ for community-level grantmaking.”

Founded in 2005 shortly after Hurricane Katrina struck, the Gulf Coast Fund for Community Renewal and Ecological Health is a collaborative initiative created by local community leaders and experienced grantmakers (including leading national foundations). gabbegroup’s work with the Gulf Coast Fund involved development of an integrated communications and marketing study in which we assessed the group’s positioning and overall external perception among key audiences. gabbegroup developed a corresponding communications plan and handled all communications related to announcing the Fund, requests for proposals and grant announcements, securing placements in many topline financial and philanthropy-focused publications. Most recently, we worked with the Fund to raise awareness of the growing need for support in the region in the aftermath of the BP oil spill.

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“We want a partner that offers a high level of insight and understanding of business school academia and business media topics/issues that are of relevance.”

The Kelley School retained gabbegroup as part of a long term effort to raise awareness in national and international media of its traditional strengths (e.g., marketing, entrepreneurship, life sciences) and help position the institution among constituencies that will be key to future growth, collaborations and expansion. We have worked with the Kelley team to significantly increase coverage by the B-school and business media, including CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Financial Times, etc. We’ve expanded the number of professors whose research we promote, and in deepening the bench of experts, capitalize on timely or breaking news opportunities related to fallout from the economic crisis and resulting legislation/regulation (e.g., TARP, Dodd-Frank bill). We are also increasing the number and scope of media interviews/meetings for Kelley’s dean, which puts a face on the school and tells “the Kelley Story” through his vision for the future.

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Our scope of work for the Maurer School of Law focuses on faculty, students and the research of four preeminent centers: the Center for Constitutional Democracy, the Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research, the Center for the Global Legal Profession and the Center for Intellectual Property Research. In our work with the Maurer School, we have twice prepared faculty for Senate and House testimony and are successfully placing them in a range of national and legal/trade media. Recent examples including PBS Nightly Business Report, Financial Times, The New York Times, NPR and Politico.

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SPEA’s nonprofit management and environmental policy and management programs lead the nation as top ranked. gabbegroup has introduced SPEA to hundreds of journalists at national and major-market outlets covering the recession, economics, budget process, politics/policy, poverty, welfare, social issues, among others, with placements including Associated Press, USA Today,, Financial Times andThe New Yorker.

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“The lack of objective research on the utilization, impact and value of medical technologies must be addressed if public policy and healthcare are to be aligned with the promise of these technologies. gabbegroup’s communication expertise is a core part of our mission of filling the gap.”

Founded in 2003, The Institute for Health Technology Studies (InHealth) sponsors peer-reviewed research and advances educational initiatives to provide objective and credible information and insights into the impact and value of technology innovation in the medical device and diagnostic field. gabbegroup works with InHealth to develop and roll out comprehensive identity and communications programs tied to these research studies and educational events, as well as name and logo creation, and marketing collateral materials aimed at engaging policymakers, payors, industry executives and other constituents.

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“Our industry is changing rapidly, with increased competition and pricing and regulatory pressures. It is time for us to reassess our business goals and develop new marketing and communications strategies.”

JL Shapiro, which essentially founded the medical communications business over three decades ago, called upon gabbegroup for a comprehensive review of its marketplace, strategic goals and marketing and communications programs. We developed an in-depth study with 17 recommendations aimed at enhancing the JL Shapiro brand and making the agency even more competitive.

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“We view you as an extension of our Corporate Communications Department. Your principal role is to work on communications related to our Chairman and Executive Board.”

gabbegroup has worked with Johnson & Johnson, one of the world’s leading healthcare products organizations and most admired companies, on a wide range of projects over the past two decades. These projects have included editing, writing and managing the company’s global employee magazine, publishing other high-level employee publications, writing speeches and articles and working on special communications related to recruiting, diversity, philanthropy and management leadership.

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“One of the reasons that Johnson & Johnson is among the most respected companies in the world is a commitment to making a positive difference in our communities and for our employees, doctors and patients. Partner with us to shine the spotlight on some of the terrific programs – and inspiring stories – that demonstrate how we fulfill our commitment to the Credo every day.”

Johnson & Johnson is one of the largest corporate philanthropists in the world, focusing on saving and improving the lives of women and children; building the skills of people who serve community health needs, primarily through education; and preventing diseases and reducing stigma and disability in underserved communities. gabbegroup played a critical role in bringing attention to the company’s philanthropic programs, its partners and the important constituents they serve. We also helped reinforce the perception of Johnson & Johnson as a leading corporate philanthropist, raising awareness among employees, communities, charitable partners and government agencies of the effectiveness of these programs. We accomplished this through a major integrated program involving the media, video and internal publications.

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“To meet our growth goals, we need to change the way we manage Human Resources. Join with us in spreading the word on these changes globally.”

As Johnson & Johnson moved toward its goal of becoming a $100 billion company by the year 2010, it worked toward doubling the number of its leaders and fundamentally changing the way it delivered Human Resource services to employees around the world. gabbegroup provided the critical insights and support needed to communicate these changes throughout an organization that included more than 110,000 people on six continents.

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“We want to promote ‘Red Gold,’ a PBS mini-series on the history of blood, emphasizing the importance of blood donation and the fragility of the nation’s blood supply.”

OCD, a Johnson & Johnson company and leading supplier of the blood bank industry, co-sponsored the mini-series on PBS. gabbegroup worked with Johnson & Johnson corporate public affairs, OCD and PBS, as well as the American Red Cross, American Association of Blood Banks and New York Blood Bank, to develop a high-impact media strategy for the mini-series.

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“Johnson & Johnson is firmly committed to eliminating accidents in the workplace. Develop a global campaign to raise awareness of the importance of hand safety among our more than 110,000 employees.”

gabbegroup conceived, developed and produced this sweeping initiative focused on hand safety in the workplace and community. This integrated program, rolled out worldwide in over 200 operating units, comprises various elements, including a comprehensive toolkit containing four CD-ROM/DVD discs, a series of posters, videos, a global Intranet site and events around the globe. This was the first such global campaign ever at Johnson & Johnson.

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“We are the lead sponsor of a new book on helping consumers to better understand the importance of healthcare and to decipher the plethora of health-related information. In partnership with book author Richard Saul Wurman, help us to promote this innovative and potentially life-changing book.”

Richard Saul Wurman, a technology and design maven famous for his TED conferences, outlined a “roadmap” for the human body in a book to help consumers better understand health and the nation’s healthcare system. We worked with Johnson & Johnson, a lead sponsor, and the author to promote the book and the idea of empowering individuals to take charge of their own health.

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“Help us build a communications strategy that will foster a sense of unity among leadership and employees at our culturally diverse manufacturing sites around the globe.”

With a creative branding strategy and identity program, gabbegroup helped Johnson & Johnson Worldwide Operations create a single collaborative mindset for its supply chain and manufacturing activities in widely separated regions of the world, including China, Brazil, Belgium and the United States.

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“We want you to operate as a member of our team, developing a strategic communications plan and rolling it out to raise our profile among health professionals and Johnson & Johnson management worldwide.”

The Johnson & Johnson Pediatric Institute (JJPI) is a “nonprofit company” created to partner with leading medical, nursing and allied health professional associations on a global basis to foster safe and healthy pregnancies and save the lives of millions of babies who are lost within the first month of life. Our work with JJPI has encompassed strategic communications plans, executive communications to international congresses and symposia, marketing collateral and videos, and program-specific media relations related to pre-term birth, nutrition and advancing the use of midwives, doulas and skilled birth attendants

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“The nursing crisis in New York City and across the nation continues to grow more severe. Partner with us to launch our new organization and to tackle these critical issues.'”

The Jonas Center For Nursing Excellence was established by a gift from the Donald and Barbara Jonas Family Fund to advance professional nursing. gabbegroup launched and remains closely involved with this first-of-its-kind Center, which has grown to be a force in national efforts to resolve the persistent shortage of nursing faculty. We have achieved broad national/philanthropic media attention, including recurring articles in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Bloomberg Markets, Financial Times, Barron’s and The Chronicle of Philanthropy. We also provide communications support for special events, including conferences and symposia and briefings on Capital Hill.

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“You know identity and you know PR. You’ll be an integral part of our effort to launch our new identity on a global basis and to help us promote ‘universal design.'”

For Lighthouse International, the leader worldwide in serving the visually impaired, we planned and launched a multifaceted public relations campaign aimed at reaching the major business and graphic arts communities globally.

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“The March of Dimes and Johnson & Johnson Pediatric Institute, L.L.C. (JJPI) announced an innovative program with the goal of reducing by 15 percent the rate of singleton preterm births in Kentucky over three years by “bundling” together proven interventions. If successful, this partnership will save babies’ lives and have a demonstrable impact on families and communities across the state and, if replicated, across the nation.”

gabbegroup embarked on developing national communications for the completion year of Healthy Babies Are Worth the Wait (HBWW), a three-year demonstration project in partnership with The March of Dimes and the Kentucky Department for Public Health. The goal of the project was to reduce the rate of preventable late pre-term births in Kentucky, which has one of the nation’s highest rates of pre-term birth. gabbegroup has been involved with HBWW since its early planning stages and work closely with communications and program teams at both partners (including local March of Dimes chapters) and the three key hospitals involved in the project. Work has included site visits; developing communications strategies for national, professional and local outreach (and presenting same at annual convening meetings); all launch materials, including lead release and executive remarks; electronic media toolkits for use by participating hospitals and community groups in reaching out to local women and families; and counseling on ongoing local media relations.

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“We are continually looking for new and better ways to communicate to inform, involve and motivate our employees. Partner with us to identify and implement the best approaches.”

OCD, a Johnson & Johnson division, is a global leader in the immuno-diagnostics and blood transfusion markets. gabbegroup undertook an extensive internal communications study and participates in the rollout of new initiatives, which include organizational and external communications programs.

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“My TEDMED conference is the premier gathering of the world’s leading thinkers and innovators to examine the business and communication of medical technology, research and healthcare in the 21st Century. Partner with me to market this event to attendees and sponsors to ensure its success.”

gabbegroup collaborated with prolific author and “information architect” Richard Saul Wurman to market his TEDMED (technology, entertainment and design) conference, which was co-hosted with The Wall Street Journal. TEDMED is an intimate, in-depth look at the frontiers of healthcare and medicine by the world’s leading innovators, including Nobel prize-winning and other prominent scientists, inventors, educators and entertainers. Through the creation of various marketing materials – including taglines, collateral, invitation letters and advertising – gabbegroup assisted Mr. Wurman in promoting what turned out to be the most successful TEDMED conference to date.

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“For more than a century, the Rockefeller family name has been synonymous with effective and thoughtful philanthropy. As we launch our private, non-profit service for other donors and foundations, help us to enhance our brand awareness and communicate our activities and capabilities”

gabbegroup spearheaded the 2002 launch of, and currently leads ongoing media relations for, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors (RPA), one of the world’s largest philanthropic service organizations, advising and managing worldwide giving by individuals, families, corporations and major foundations. We position RPA’s leadership, including President and CEO Melissa A. Berman, as authorities on a range of issues in the philanthropic/nonprofit sector, advance awareness of key institutional initiatives and provide counsel and communications support to numerous programs, special projects and grantees that fall under RPA’s aegis. Regular placements include The Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones Newswires, Bloomberg News, Bloomberg Television, Reuters, Associated Press, The New York Times, NPR, American Public Media, and The Chronicle of Philanthropy, among many others.

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“Our College Sustainability Report Card shows a groundswell of green practices on campus, but a significant lag in the area of endowment sustainability and transparency. Partner with us to broaden awareness of our research and foster dialogue about these important issues on campuses across the nation.”

Founded in 2005, the Sustainable Endowments Institute (SEI) is dedicated to encouraging discussion on sustainability in higher education. SEI produces the College Sustainability Report Card, the only independent sustainability evaluation of campus operations and endowment investments at the 200 richest colleges and universities (by endowment size). SEI called upon gabbegroup to spearhead a national media relations campaign to broaden awareness of the report’s findings. The results included coverage by such media outlets as Bloomberg TV, Associated Press, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Minneapolis Star-Tribuneand Albany Times-Union, as well as scores of campus newspapers and media outlets.

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“Low health literacy takes a major toll on our overstressed health care system – from unnecessary medical costs to missed time at school and work. Work with us to shine the spotlight on the potential for basic health education for parents to improve children’s health and save money for Medicaid.”

Established in 2001, the UCLA/Johnson & Johnson Health Care Institute was created to help educate and empower Head Start parents so that they can properly manage the health care needs of their children and improve their overall parenting skills. It achieves this through a novel program that trains parents to become better informed about their children’s health and develop the skills to treat ordinary illnesses, such as fever, cold or cough, at home. The successful program has trained over 45,000 parents in 39 states, reducing unnecessary emergency room and physician/clinic visits, decreasing missed school and work days and improving parents’ confidence. gabbegroup partnered with the Institute and Johnson & Johnson to provide media relations surrounding the Institute’s groundbreaking pilot study, which resulted in a successful radio media tour and high-profile placements in publications such as The Wall Street Journal. gabbegroup conceived and produced a broadcast-quality, two-part DVD for the Institute, designed to engage potential partners and Head Start agencies. gabbegroup continues to work with the Institute, most recently providing media relations for the Institute’s follow up study.

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“Fulfillment of our mission to find new cancer therapies and provide the world’s best care for cancer patients depends in large part on our success in educating the public about new developments in cancer prevention, treatment and research.”

gabbegroup is the first public relations agency retained by Houston-based MD Anderson, the world’s leading cancer research and care center. We work closely with the institution’s communications team and executive leadership to develop intensive strategic plans to broaden media visibility worldwide and build awareness of this institution as “the best place to receive cancer care.” Our work brings us into daily contact with faculty across every dimension of the institution, collaborating on breaking research news, broadening the reach of public education messages championed by MD Anderson, initiating powerful media and organizational partnerships, furthering enterprise developments, and since 2003, promoting/facilitating international media relations.

Through ongoing and targeted outreach, gabbegroup gains coverage for the institution in the all-important medical/science outlets of major media; leading women’s and lifestyle magazines; significant regional/urban dailies; and national/syndicated TV and radio. In addition, we have brought to the institution the philosophy of “putting MD Anderson where it’s not expected,” resulting in cover stories and feature articles in Business Week, Fortune, Financial Times, and broadcast coverage on CNN, NBC, etc., and national work-career columns

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“We need to honor the traditions and accomplishments of the past, but we also need to be able to bring our expertise and excellence to bear on current and future problems in health care – here in Texas, across the nation and around the world.”

In early 2008, gabbegroup was honored to be selected as the first public relations agency for The University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB Health), a world-class academic health sciences center seeking to build on a storied heritage and continuing excellence in medical education and health care delivery, while also gaining recognition in key areas of excellence such as cardiology, diabetes, neurology, infectious disease, transplant and women’s health, among others. Working with UTMB Health Public Affairs, gabbegroup embarked on a strategic communications program to support institutional goals and put a global spotlight on research and key faculty members. Our efforts span UTMB Health’s Clinical Operations; Schools of Medicine, Nursing, Health Professions and Biomedical Sciences; and each of its departments, institutions and centers of excellence. The gabbegroup team has worked diligently with great success to position experts from UTMB Health in the national media. Examples include major program and research placements and all important third party commentary in such media as: The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, WebMD, The Economist, U.S. News & World Report, CNN, NPR, “Marketplace,” WNYC, Dow Jones MarketWatch, Reuters, top women’s magazines and numerous major market daily newspapers.

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“Partner with us to enhance the reputation of this institution through promotion of our distinguished faculty and their research, as well as our innovative curriculum and cutting-edge programs.”

Consistently ranked as one of the world’s leading B-schools, the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon continues to provide leading companies around the globe with leadership talent that possess a distinctive, analytical mindset. gabbegroup partnered with Tepper to promote its faculty and world-renowned research in the areas of finance, economics, marketing, organizational behavior and product development. For four of the most formidable economists and regulatory experts – Allan Meltzer, Chester Spatt, Lester Lave and Marvin Goodfriend – gabbegroup managed a continuing program of desk-side meetings and issuing viewpoints on breaking news, securing broadcast and print placements in such top-tier business outlets as CNBC, Bloomberg (TV, radio, wires), NPR, Associated Press, TIME, Dow Jones Newswires, The Wall Street Journal and FOX Business, among others, and op-eds in The Washington Postand The New York Times.

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“Work with us to pin down a distinctive positioning and to increase awareness among corporate recruiters and the business press of our distinguished faculty, market-relevant research, the substance of our curriculum and the caliber of our students.”

For over 15 years, gabbegroup was centrally involved in enhancing the image of this B-school by promoting the various avenues that connect Owen to today’s leading-edge business issues. We conducted a comprehensive positioning study for Owen, and executed multi-faceted media relations focused on institutional initiatives, faculty research/expertise and human interest stories. Coverage spanned key media consisting of The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post, and many others. We also planned and implemented a campaign launching the Vanderbilt Owen Health Care MBA, which was covered by such targeted, high-profile outlets as Financial Times, BusinessWeek, MarketWatch andBizEd.

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“One of the key areas of the future for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer is genetic and cellular testing. Partner with us to launch our organization as a new entity within the Johnson & Johnson family of companies, and help us to spread the world about these exciting new technologies.”

Veridex LLC is blazing the trail in the area of cellular and genetic testing in the oncology marketplace. We worked with Veridex to formally launch the organization within Johnson & Johnson and the oncology and healthcare communities, and introduce it to the health and science media at the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology. In addition, gabbegroup handled all media outreach related to published research using Veridex technology, including a seminal study in The New England Journal of Medicine.

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“Now that we are an independent public company, we need to significantly upgrade recognition of our company in the financial and business communities”

gabbegroup assisted Celanese, a leading global industrial chemicals company, in elevating the profile of the company and its operating units in select business and industry press in the U.S. We were also responsible for supporting special events and using media relations to capitalize on new business initiatives.

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“Create the marketing program to roll out this new joint venture of the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT), the world’s largest financial exchange, and Prebon Yamane, a leading global institutional broker.”

Chicago Board Brokerage (CBB) was formed to launch a new, breakthrough electronic trading system for members of the CBOT. As a participant in this exciting venture from its inception, we worked with CBB on all of its marketing initiatives, starting with the business plan and extending through its product naming, logo development, collateral production and Web site creation. We also provided special event services, including PowerPoint presentations.

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“Investor confidence in the stock markets is way off – but we’re about to go public with the largest IPO ever. We have a great story to tell, and we need to get the word out.”

Conoco was being spun off by Dupont. A key objective was to quickly position what was to become the world’s sixth largest oil company as a dynamo with to-notch management, products and ideas in the energy field. gabbegroup, operating as an extension of Conoco’s Corporate Affairs Department in Houston, was charged with “conducting public relations as if the whole company depends on it.” We focused on the New York and international media.

Conoco’s global communications were clearly heard. At a time when extreme stock market volatility had virtually upended the IPO market, the IPO raised $4.4 billion, making it the largest in U.S. history. As President and CEO Archie Dunham wrote in his stockholder letter: “That would be an impressive debut in any business climate. It was superb at a time of extremely low oil prices and a roller coaster stock market.”

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“We seek opportunities in known hydrocarbon-bearing basins around the world where geopolitical and/or economic situations may have caused significant oil and gas opportunities to be overlooked or under-developed. Support us in better communicating our story as a high-value investment opportunity to the financial community and media, potential investors, and the local communities in which we operate.”

Listed on the London Stock Exchange Alternative Investments Market (AIM), Frontera Resources Corporation is a Houston-based international oil and gas exploration and production company that is currently focused on the Greater Black Sea area. gabbegroup worked with Frontera on a comprehensive investor-focused communications effort, including developing corporate marketing materials, expanding the Web site, and maintaining a consistent media relations program primarily focused on the U.S., U.K. and the country of Georgia.

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“You know our business and culture as well as anybody in our firm. We look to you for communications support in a wide range of areas.”

For over two decades, during its emergence as the preeminent global investment bank, Goldman Sachs looked to gabbegroup for a wide spectrum of electronic and print communications services to support corporate identity, product marketing, recruitment, training, management development and other strategies.

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“As the premier corporate and brand identity firm, we help shape the perception of some of the world’s most recognized corporations, retail businesses and brands. Work with us – as our public relations and marketing arm – to sustain and further our own brand image as the innovator of the identity industry.”

For over a decade, Lippincott & Margulies, now known as Lippincott, looked to gabbegroup to help manage its visibility among global corporate audiences, as well as the national and international business and design trade media. In addition, we oversaw the development of the firm’s signature publication,Sense.

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“We are stepping up efforts to position our Marketing Practice as the leading source of marketing knowledge and ideas to drive profitable growth for traditional and E-driven businesses.”

McKinsey, the preeminent management consulting firm, sought to further establish its positioning as the premier resource for businesses in fast-changing markets. Our comprehensive role included: assisting in developing communications strategies and programs; providing media and other public relations services; producing a marketing brochure; writing an ongoing series of topical reports for distribution to top marketing executives; conceiving and writing an external Web site; and consulting on and providing communications support for conferences and other marketing events.

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“The emergence of sustainable development as the new frontier in real estate presents us with a unique opportunity to move to the forefront of our industry in this area. Work with us to ensure successful communications for our critically important projects already underway, and begin to broaden awareness of our distinctive approach to real estate re-development.”

Meridian Development Partners is a New York City-based real estate development and private equity firm with a focus on high-value transformation of post-industrial, adaptive reuse, brownfield and urban infill properties. gabbegroup helped the firm assess its positioning, strategic objectives and overall marketing/communications needs, analyzing the consistency and effectiveness of communications against those of competitors. The team also spearheaded constituent communications on behalf of one of the company’s most important projects, a major industrial redevelopment in Southington, CT.

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“We are a global leader in breakthrough 3D printing technology, based in Israel. Working with gabbegroup, we want to broaden recognition of our company and technology in the US to enhance sales and pave the way for a possible initial public offering.”

Objet, one of Israel’s most successful technology firms, retained gabbegroup to plan and roll out a nationwide media campaign through the national and trade media. Objet commended us for our role in building U.S. sales. The firm was subsequently acquired by Stratasys Corporation. The merged companies completed a highly successful IPO, and are the leaders in the U.S. and globally in 3D printing.

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“We are expanding in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast states. Use your business, fashion, home, beauty and news media, and retail industry contacts to help us develop a presence that underscores our growing nationwide leadership in upscale discount retailing.”

In coordination with Minneapolis-based Tunheim Santrizos (now known as Tunheim Partners), Target looked to gabbegroup for strategic thinking, creative ideas and effective program execution to maximize the company’s exposure within the national fashion and business worlds, and to heighten consumer awareness.

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“We are transforming a Swiss-based commercial bank into a global investment banking powerhouse. Help us to pin down our positioning and communications programs in the Americas – our most important market in coming years.”

Through internal and external research, we developed a study that gave UBS a clear picture of how it is perceived by its management and existing and potential clients. As a result, a completely new and comprehensive communications program was developed, with gabbegroup playing an integral role in its planning and execution. When UBS merged with Swiss Bank Corporation to form the world’s second largest bank, we updated and expanded our original positioning study.

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