“Our shareholders and other audiences interested in our company’s performance are located all over the world. We want to broadcast our annual meeting over the web – our company’s first foray into on-line broadcasting – and we need your help!”

The gabbegroup team worked with Frontera’s management on all phases of its 2007 annual meeting, – from securing and coordinating video, audio, lighting and staging requirements, to coordinating with the Webcasting company to broadcast the program.

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“We’d like to present the American Academy of Pediatrics with an engaging, exciting presentation for their upcoming Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) 20th anniversary dinner that they can also continue to use long into the future.”

Utilizing a theme of “growth” as well as extensive music, video, and animation, gabbegroup developed a custom “video-like” auto-run PowerPoint presentation for the 20th Anniversary celebration of the NRP program.

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“We are looking to you for a highly creative package to display and contain the multiple print and video tools that will be introduced at our global innovation conference.”

The Innovation Conference, attended by Johnson & Johnson’s top management globally, was a first step for this illustrious company. We created the “Innovation Tool Kit,” a large, portable container that is opened by twisting a cap-like mechanism – similar to those found on medication packages – that says, “Open here for innovation.” This container required highly sophisticated design and fabrication. Additionally, as part of the content development for this special event, gabbegroup filmed breakthrough innovation efforts of Johnson & Johnson in Japan.

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“Help us develop a compelling visual presentation about our philanthropic programs aimed at improving the health and lives of children worldwide and the partnerships that serve as the backbone of our efforts to effect meaningful results around the globe.”

For Johnson & Johnson’s involvement in the 25th International Congress of Pediatrics in Greece – regarded as the most important pediatrics event in the world – gabbeLIGHTS conceived and produced a video presentation designed to “set the stage” for an invitation-only dinner gala that recognizes the efforts of international pediatric societies and individuals working to improve child health care. gabbeLIGHTS also worked with Johnson & Johnson to draft the speaker speeches.

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“Help us develop a kick-off event for our global campaign to raise awareness of the importance of hand safety in our 200 operating units.”

One element of our work on this award-winning project was the production of a video that plays continuously as employees arrive at the kick-off event. It was designed to create a sense of drama and excitement around the topic of worker safety; introduce the campaign name and logo; give employees in all lines of work and in different geographic regions a sense of ownership and inclusion; and introduce and complement a series of posters featuring employees, families and friends in “safe hands” situations. gabbegroup conceived, scripted, directed and produced this video.

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“We need to make our inaugural ‘Who Will Care for Me?’ symposium stand out and capture the feel of our developing brand.”

The gabbegroup team developed the graphic look for this event, which brought together hundreds of leaders in healthcare, philanthropy, government and business to attack the nursing shortage crisis in New York City. Specific elements included the symposium invitation, event banners, posters and other onsite signage. The event was staged at the historic New York Academy of Medicine.

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“Give us a video and other materials that can be used at sales events and conferences to position our company as an innovator in client service and in using technology in the securities industry.”

For this leading, global institutional broker, we produced an award-winning corporate image video used for developing business alliances and for recruiting; PowerPoint presentations that are used internally as part of management conferences and externally to market the firm at trade shows; and trade show staging.

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“We want to launch our new employee-based internal communications effort in a manner that builds excitement and participation. Make it a real show!”

Members of the gabbegroup production team worked with the Hearst-owned newspapers’ management team and other consultants to develop and stage a multi-day event that introduced employees to the company’s new marketing campaign: The Expressway. A classic “Route 66″-type theme extended throughout the program, from the invitations to the stage design and signage to the executive speeches.

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Our innovative 3D printing technology is being used worldwide for many new, important and fascinating applications. Work with us to create an ongoing portfolio of video client testimonials for our Web site and for showing at sales and other events.

gabbegroup travels to universities, factories, research facilities and other locations throughout the U.S. to document the ever-expanding use of Stratasys 3D printers in creating products used in health care, education, travel, entertainment, security, architecture and many other fields. We assist Stratasys, the world-leader in 3D printing technology, in conceptualizing these promotional shoots and we provide full-service videography and editing to make those concepts into compelling visual presentations.

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“We want gabbegroup to create videos that dramatically support our strategy of transforming a Swiss-based commercial bank into a global investment banking powerhouse.”

Videos produced by gabbegroup played an important role in communicating UBS’s new positioning strategy. Those productions included: a “culture” video used to orient existing and new employees to UBS’s new global strategy; UBS’s first firmwide global recruitment video; and a capabilities video that repositioned UBS’s powerhouse private banking business. We also produced a cartoon-based multimedia presentation that was shown at UBS’s annual end-of-year holiday party, attended by nearly 2,000 employees.

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“We are celebrating our 70th Anniversary and want to stage an event to honor many of our long-term senior executives.”

We developed a multimedia presented by the CEO that documented the corporation’s history and involved live interaction with the guests. A decade later, the company still refers to this event as a milestone in generating goodwill among its executive team.

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